Using Artificial Turf At Home And Why

Artificial turf has been around for decades. When most people think of artificial turf they more than likely think of baseball stadiums. In fact, artificial turf gained huge notoriety in 1966 when it was installed as the field in the Astrodome in Houston, Texas. Today, many sport stadiums are returning to natural grass, but artificial turf has found a new purpose within homeowners who use it for many different reasons. Listed below are a handful of ways artificial turf is being used on a small scale basis in private homes and why you should consider Artificial Turf Installation.

Dog Runs

Many homeowners with pets love to dedicate sections of their yard solely for the dog(s) to run and play. Artificial turf will not get worn and cause muddy ruts to form. This allows for a constant clean area for the animal to be in and not get dirty and track mud into the house. Artificial grass creates a soft ground for the dog to play in and is very easy to clean up bathroom messes. Another great advantage is that fleas will not habitat artificial turf.

Kids Play Area

Artificial turf offers a safer ground for a play area for kids. Compared to natural ground, artificial turf is more leveled and smoother making it less of a tripping hazard. Just like with dog runs, artificial turf will not get muddy allowing for a more cleaner play are and is easy to rinse off with a water hole if a mess happens.


Just like with stadiums, homeowners have installed artificial turf for their entire lawns. The main reason for this is to obviously cut back on mowing and lawn work. Artificial turf never needs mowing, fertilized, or weeded allowing the yard to look beautiful all the time. It is also drought resistance and helps homeowners save money from watering.

Backyard Sport Fields

Many homeowners have installed artificial turf to create their own sport fields. Golf lovers have created their own little putting greens and others have used it for bocce ball courts.

Pool Decks

Artificial turf has been used around swimming pools to create a more safer non slippery ground. It also keeps the pool cleaner since dirt and blades of grass are not being tracked in. No worries about pool chemicals killing the lawn as well.

There are many uses for artificial turf, and the above reasons alone should be enough to convince homeowners to take a closer look at it when deciding on outside ground flooring.