Turf Installation

 When a person is looking to have a field turf system installed, they should understand the construction process and how the installation of this system work.

The field turf may look like other materials on the market, but it is rather different. Some things set this installation process apart. AGL synthetic grass is a top of the line turf used nationwide.


The turf fiber will allow the players to be comfortable and it will be safe when they fall on it. This fiber looks like grass and has the same texture. The fibers should reduce the friction on the skin and should be durable. It also needs to be able to stand up to high temperatures.


This is the most important part of the turf. It is important for safety and will allow the players the traction they are used to with regular grass. The infill is installed before the fiber is. This is where the turf can be safe for players. There are so many different choices a person should work with a professional to find the infill that will meet their needs and will be safe for the players.


This turf has a primary and a secondary backing. They work together to make sure the turf is stable on the ground. They are made from polypropylene fibers and will fit good with the panels of the turf. The secondary part of the backing has a latex coating to keep the fibers locked into their place.


The Field Turf company has installed over 10,000 custom built turf fields all over the world. The base for the turf must be built and then the installation is performed.

Making the Base

The base is needed as the platform and it is important to have proper drainage. The field needs to be excavated before the base is constructed. A perimeter of concrete is then installed. The under drainage system is then put in as well as a draining base stone and finishing stones. This surface will then need to be inspected.


The synthetic turf will be checked to make sure it meets light and color requirements then the installation will begin. The turf is laid down and then it is also stitched into place. The turf may overlap in some areas to make sure everything is covered. Once the turf is installed it will be cleaned up. Within a matter of a week, the turf will be professionally installed and ready to use.