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Home putting greens for serious golfers

One of the best things about golf is that there is no dedicated time of the year that you can play it. It is not like football which only takes place in the fall, or racing which only takes place in the summer. Golf is always acceptable to play. Rain, snow, or shine you can always count on your local golf course to be open and you can play. But what if you didn’t want to drive all the way to the golf course to play? What if it’s raining and you just want to play a few holes before heading home? the amount of money in that short trip is not worth it.

But you can actually play at your home if you have a backyard putting green installed. And installing a backyard putting green is a lot easier than you might be thinking it is. Let me explain.

For home putting green all that you need is to install synthetic turf which can be purchased through a Wholesale Turf company. This is the same kind of turf that they use in large sports fields, golf courses, and playgrounds and dog parks. With Turf Distributors you can have this turf installed in your backyard and you can have the gold course right outside your home so you can play your favorite sport any time that you want to.

An added bonus to this, you don’t have to worry about maintenance on this grass. You don’t have to mow it because it is not going to grow, you do not have to spray for weeds or water it because it’s fake. And if it rains, an hour after it stops your lawn will be dry and you can continue your outdoor fun.

So there you have it, all you need to know about having backyard putting green. Contact Turf Distributors for the installation and you will soon enough have a dream putting course all to yourself.

Artificial Grass For Events

When you are planning an outdoor event literally everything is being looked at and judged. You might think that the tables and decorations are the only things that are going to capture the attention of your guests but truthfully, they are going to look at everything. From the outdoor scenery to even the grass. Think about going to an outdoor event, whether it’s a formal thing or a casual thing, you are looking at everything from the sky to the grass under your feet. If it’s casual, it’s less dire to have freshly trimmed grass but if it’s a formal event you definitely want something that people can walk on.

Imagine walking on wet grass? Your shoes will most definitely get messy and that almost instantly ruins the event for everyone, especially the guests. Or what if there are bug and insect nests around the area of the event? Will they smell the food and come to crash the party? Having fake grass (artificial grass) for events like this saves you from all of that.

Not only will having artificial turf save you from dirty shoes and bugs, but it will also wow your guests the second they walk up. Natural grass is nice and it can be pretty if maintained properly, but artificial grass always has the ideal look that people want for a formal event. There is a reason that they use artificial grass for golf courses. It is something that people love the feel of and it’s almost impossible to ruin.

So next time you are considering a location for an outdoor event or next time that you are hosting an outdoor event at your house, you should look into artificial turf. It is one of the best financial decisions you can make about landscaping and the memories of your outdoor event will last a lifetime, just like the turf.

For the love of grass

Its common knowledge to know that dogs are the best pets anybody can own. Just because dogs are man’s best friend doesn’t mean they don’t cause a bit of mischief every so often. Keeping a hyperactive dog inside all-day is bound to cause a ruckus. It would be wise to let your dog go outside at least 3 to 5 times a day. Veterinarians recommend to at least let your dog be outside for 1 hour each trip. Even while your dogs are playing around outside they might cause some damage to your lawn. Artificial Grass for Pets is a perfect option to keep your yard looking good year round with out dry urine spots.

The state of a lawn is very important to a lot of people that own homes. A good well-maintained lawn indicates the status and success of a person. Lawns can also connect neighbors and even boost the value of your home all this from just a simple clean lawn. It is safe to say however that your dog probably doesn’t care about your lawn staus or how much time and money you put into making it look good. Dogs love grass they love how it tastes, how it feels on their backs, tummies, and especially digging. This can take a heavy toll on your lawn but luckily there is a solution that can save you time and money.

A very economical solution that will make you and your dog happy is to buy artificial grass. Artificial grass looks and feels like the real thing so your dog can do all of their activities while you can sit and relax. Fake grass is also very durable with one patch lasting over 20 years depending on the conditions it goes through. It is also very safe for your pets and has technology that allows liquids to drain right through it making them very easy to clean. If your someone that loves dogs and loves everything gardening then it won’t be a bad idea to get some synthetic grass.

Using Artificial Turf At Home And Why

Artificial turf has been around for decades. When most people think of artificial turf they more than likely think of baseball stadiums. In fact, artificial turf gained huge notoriety in 1966 when it was installed as the field in the Astrodome in Houston, Texas. Today, many sport stadiums are returning to natural grass, but artificial turf has found a new purpose within homeowners who use it for many different reasons. Listed below are a handful of ways artificial turf is being used on a small scale basis in private homes and why you should consider Artificial Turf Installation.

Dog Runs

Many homeowners with pets love to dedicate sections of their yard solely for the dog(s) to run and play. Artificial turf will not get worn and cause muddy ruts to form. This allows for a constant clean area for the animal to be in and not get dirty and track mud into the house. Artificial grass creates a soft ground for the dog to play in and is very easy to clean up bathroom messes. Another great advantage is that fleas will not habitat artificial turf.

Kids Play Area

Artificial turf offers a safer ground for a play area for kids. Compared to natural ground, artificial turf is more leveled and smoother making it less of a tripping hazard. Just like with dog runs, artificial turf will not get muddy allowing for a more cleaner play are and is easy to rinse off with a water hole if a mess happens.


Just like with stadiums, homeowners have installed artificial turf for their entire lawns. The main reason for this is to obviously cut back on mowing and lawn work. Artificial turf never needs mowing, fertilized, or weeded allowing the yard to look beautiful all the time. It is also drought resistance and helps homeowners save money from watering.

Backyard Sport Fields

Many homeowners have installed artificial turf to create their own sport fields. Golf lovers have created their own little putting greens and others have used it for bocce ball courts.

Pool Decks

Artificial turf has been used around swimming pools to create a more safer non slippery ground. It also keeps the pool cleaner since dirt and blades of grass are not being tracked in. No worries about pool chemicals killing the lawn as well.

There are many uses for artificial turf, and the above reasons alone should be enough to convince homeowners to take a closer look at it when deciding on outside ground flooring.

Turf Installation

 When a person is looking to have a field turf system installed, they should understand the construction process and how the installation of this system work.

The field turf may look like other materials on the market, but it is rather different. Some things set this installation process apart. AGL synthetic grass is a top of the line turf used nationwide.


The turf fiber will allow the players to be comfortable and it will be safe when they fall on it. This fiber looks like grass and has the same texture. The fibers should reduce the friction on the skin and should be durable. It also needs to be able to stand up to high temperatures.


This is the most important part of the turf. It is important for safety and will allow the players the traction they are used to with regular grass. The infill is installed before the fiber is. This is where the turf can be safe for players. There are so many different choices a person should work with a professional to find the infill that will meet their needs and will be safe for the players.


This turf has a primary and a secondary backing. They work together to make sure the turf is stable on the ground. They are made from polypropylene fibers and will fit good with the panels of the turf. The secondary part of the backing has a latex coating to keep the fibers locked into their place.


The Field Turf company has installed over 10,000 custom built turf fields all over the world. The base for the turf must be built and then the installation is performed.

Making the Base

The base is needed as the platform and it is important to have proper drainage. The field needs to be excavated before the base is constructed. A perimeter of concrete is then installed. The under drainage system is then put in as well as a draining base stone and finishing stones. This surface will then need to be inspected.


The synthetic turf will be checked to make sure it meets light and color requirements then the installation will begin. The turf is laid down and then it is also stitched into place. The turf may overlap in some areas to make sure everything is covered. Once the turf is installed it will be cleaned up. Within a matter of a week, the turf will be professionally installed and ready to use.