Small Urban Spaces And A Garden

A house is yours to design and whether you paint the walls with intricate patterns or create cozy spaces so you can read for hours, nothing beats the feeling you get from enjoying your own green garden. However, today where we are trying to fit in as much as we can in spaces that are smaller, the gardens with the picket fences, shrubs and flowers have vanished. While we have accepted our small homes, we still want that garden. It may not be possible to plant those apple or lemon trees, you can still have a small space dedicated to a garden within your home. All that is required is for you to be a little creative and we can help you with that.

Firstly, it is very important to create a small space in your home which you can dedicate to plants. Once you have identified that place, you can begin to identify plants that will fit well in the area. The one thing you need to be careful about and that is to ensure that the area gets enough of sunshine. Everything else can be taken care of. So, some of the options to help you create an attractive and minimalistic garden are as follows:

1. Maximizing the space: It is vital that you use the space as best as you can. If you can create an arrangement where you can stack plants up using smaller containers on the floor and use plant hangers for others above these. You can accommodate more plants this way. Another good idea is to pick up some random ideas at local flea markets and use them creatively to add plants. For instance, in this picture, an old ladder adds so much character and greenery to the space. Find more information on

2. Walls: Even if you have lesser space to work with, the walls can be used in amazing ways to add plants and small elements that will fit in so well with the garden theme. A new concept which is gaining momentum is vertical plants where small boxes are put in and you can use this to create wall art with your plants. Another cool idea if using shoe storage hangers. These shoe storage systems which can be hung behind a door can be modified to hold small shrubs or indoor plants.

3. Using Bags: Using bags creatively adds a certain beauty to small and miniature gardens. Not only does it benefit the home owner with less space, but if you are a renter and move quite often, these kinds of planters will help immensely. You can just pick them up and you are all sorted. These are some amazing canvas planters that can be painted per the colors of your space.

4. Succession Planting: If you are dealing with a small area like a bed and that it, you should consider planting couple of different plants that mature at different times. This will help you to plant a few different plants around the border and use the center space for plants that need a little more space. You could also do a small structure to hold creepers maximizing your garden.

5. Start Small first: If you are novice to this, it is best to start small and slow. Start by adding a small herb garden to your kitchen. It is fairly forgiving and allows you to enjoy the experience of having small plants around. The herb garden can be started without spending much at all. You can use containers that are not being used by you anymore. An interesting idea is to use tea cups with their saucers. Not only will they look pretty but will serve the purpose. Once you get a little more adventurous, you can always pick up small planters which can be used on your kitchen counter or you could hang them over a window sill. There are amazing designs now available which can be used to hang these planters so they do not block up your counter space. Some interesting ideas for herb gardens

Space or budget should never be a limitation to have a garden. If you use a little bit of creativity, put some thought to the kinds of plants you can take care of and spend a little time and energy on the plants, you will be gifted with hours of peaceful and happy times in your very own garden.

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